Cybul Architects helps business owners design new or remodeled facilities that have sufficient space, clear organization, and heightened aesthetic appeal for customers. Our solutions are tailored to the specific client needs and are rooted in over 60 years of experience in designing all forms of operating facilities. The success of the practice lies in our ability to help clients realize and implement their best ideas, maximizing economic, aesthetic, and operational benefits.

Our project portfolio includes refrigerated buildings, rooftop greenhouses, manufacturing complexes, food processing, and warehouses, amongst others. Our expertise is used to maximize efficiency of the cold chain, efficiency of racking and routing product, and in creating a great public presentation of industrial projects. The impact of our work is evident in several iconic areas in the NY region, including Hunts Point & the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Cybul Architects has played a major role in providing design services for companies involved in community based redevelopment. These projects improve the surrounding areas, meet current needs, and anticipate future needs and growth.

Since 1979, Cybul Architects has also been on the forefront of sustainable and energy saving design. Cybul Architects is one of the first firms to recognize the value of energy reduction through creative design of these facilities. To the current day we maintain these same initiatives and are empowered by the recent trends towards energy efficiency and conservation. More and more, our clients rely on us for environmentally conscious designs that represent their needs and aesthetic preferences.

Cybul Architects is currently licensed to practice architecture in the following states: New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Illinois.