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Schuster Meats

60 Industrial Road

  • Project Info:
Schematic Design
60 Industrial Road
Lodi, NJ
60,000 ft2
Winter 2021

Schuster Meats

Schuster Meats, is currently located at the Hunts Point Meat Market in the Bronx, but is looking forward to be relocating to a one story dry warehouse in Lodi New Jersey. This rennovation will be transforming an existing structure into a refrigerated United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) compliant food processing facility. The design challenges include raising the existing structure from a 17 feet high to a minimum of 35 feet generally reccomended by CCWa.

Additionally proposed is a new state-of-the-art shipping and receiving dock, with high bay coolers and freezers as well as a 200 foot long food processing room. These invervations will culminate into the transformation of a simple masonry warehouse becoming a food processing facility that the Client will be proud of for many years.